Everybody wants to live in unity. How will you accomplish this in daily life. Yoga is the way to learn this. Because yoga will teach you the way to go inside yourself. As well you will develop your hara (= area beneath belly button, the powercenter of every human being), so your heart can stay open in every situation, you will be fully present and only pure thoughts arise. The connection hara, heart aligned, will ensure you to be in harmony with whatever is on your path and you go with the flow of life. This seems simple, however to achieve this, you need to practice a lot. A continuous exercise to balance and to be fully present in the moment. During the classes you will practice this. Each time in a different manner, we challenge you to be aligned and to be well in your body. A class is tailor made for all the students present, because the moment decides what the group really needs. The classes are suitable for beginners and for more experienced yogi’s and take 60 minutes. Check the time schedule for times and locations.

Try a yoga class for free
Would you like to try a yoga class, you can join us for free. Please email or send a message by phone.

Class fees

Regular class: € 15,= (1 hour). During summer you pay 10 euro per class.
10 class pass: € 130,=
Seasonal fee:
The year is divided into 4 periods:
o fall , 13 classes, € 143,= (starts after the summer break)
o winter, 13 classes, € 143,= (starts after the christmas break)
o spring, 7 classes, € 77,= (starts after the may break)
o summer, single classes, € 10,=
When you pay for 1 season a time, you receive a discount of 5% (€ 344,85). If you have a seasonal fee you can attend twice a week a yoga class.
If you join us in the middle of a period you are only charged for the classes you will attend.
Advanced classes: € 25,= (2 hours)

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