The goal of Shiatsu is to create unity in body and soul. It is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing massage eliminating stagnant energy or blockages by giving the right pressure on certain parts of your body.

The essence of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is that emotions are often the greatest cause of our problems. Due to major emotionally traumatic events or excessive activity a body can become in a permanent state of imbalance. This may cause a sensation of anxiety, problems, stagnant situations or even chaos in your reality, depression or even diseases or injuries. The body is a reflection of the outer world. Therefore reality is constantly showing us where our imbalances are within ourselves. During a therapeutic session we work on this matter and the treatment improves the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself by moving a person’s Qi (energy). You are your own healer and we help you in creating order in your body and soul. Once this is achieved, you will experience unity and you can continue on your path by living the truth. Your life will be in order and you will feel free and healthy again.

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