Meditation with centered breath

Meditation is practice to unite body and mind. Unity exists when Hara, heart and Head are alligned in the spine. Body and mind are united again and you will retrurn to the center of life. You will perceive a sence of freedom, inner peace and satisfaction. To get allignmend you will need tilt your pelvis with pubicbone going down and sacrum going up to bring the S1, L5 joint in a certain position to get the perfect breath. The spine is relaxed and stretched at the same time. When the perfect breath allignes with the spine you get unification and the breath will  form in the center of your sternum. At this stage you create balance in your body and at the same time life again.
When this is practised the body is getting used to unity again and it wil try to get back to unity whenever you are relaxed. In this way it is going to be easier to keep your body and life balanced.

The following meditation postures where used to practise:

  • Seiza
  • Lying down
  • chair
  • Birmese
  • Asymmetrical

This was Followed by a  short explenation of mudra’s. Every posture or mudra is an entrance to a diffrent part of your inner world/ life/body and gives you the opertunity to work on that certain part.

Dennis van der Hoff
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