In the center of life

How to arrive in the center of ourselves (of our own existence) has been covered in the last advanced class. Hara, heart and head in alignment , will result in experiencing unity within our body. At that moment we are unified with nature, life or with God (it is on you how to label this manifestation). The challenge is to maintain unity in life. You can achieve this by clearing the center which enables the energy (love) to flow freely throughout your body, and this will be an ongoing process as long as you stay centered while doing your movements. Being in the center will offer many advantages such as Truth, having a pure intuition and not suffering from any anxiety, doubts, thoughts. Neither you ‘ll have a lack of decision making. You feel free and experience peace within yourself.
practice: Being centered by meditating and finding the way back to yourself on the sitting blocks.
practice: Train to be in the center with the focus on the following steps. Focus on the ground focus on yourself and focus on your center. Repeat this several times. The breath can help you to stay centered, however don’t focus to much on the breathing, make sure you are in a relaxed state of being, which enables you to have a downward spiral in the body.
practice: Put yourself in the middle of Life by centereing yourself in an imaginary circle around you. The sternum will be the center of this circle. After each movement or thought it is now possible to return easily to this center and you will purify it. You can practice this in daily life.

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