Flow of Life – Macrocosmic Orbit

Maybe you are looking like everyone else for a life which gives fulfillment and pleasure. A life like this can be obtained by balancing your body, mind and spirit and to create unity within yourself. A balance like this can be achieved by breathing along the Macrobiotic orbit. This breath continues the stream of energy within the small cosmic orbit (RenMai/Dumai) and it connects the flow in the circuit of the main meridians.

small cosmic orbitthe pink line is the conception channel (it starts at the perineum, finishes in the tongue), blue line is governing channel (starts at the perineum, finishes in the palate). By putting your tongue against the roof of your mouth you will connect the RenMai and the Dumai. The flow of energy in the small cosmic orbit will connect the frontal body with the upper back body. The small cosmic orbit symbolizes our soul.

Great Cosmic Orbit
If the small cosmic orbit is connected with the circuit of the main meridians, it is called the Great Cosmic Orbit. Each main meridian has its own time during the day on which it is very active (and exactly 12 hours later, it is inactive). The Great Cosmic Orbit is a circuit which covers our whole body system. By doing stretches with a focus on our main meridians we will activate the great cosmic orbit. And by breathing consciously a continuous flow of energy will run through your body.

The 12 main meridians symbolize our body.


we have balanced the Great Cosmic Orbit by doing exercises.
– Governing/Conception vessel exercises, as well as meridian stretches to strengthen the great cosmic orbit.

Now a balance is created in body and soul (heart center). And your life will be in balance again. No room for temptations in your life. There is unity. The attachments and illusions disappear. There is only room for the real you. And now it is time to take leadership.

Marlies van Echteld
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